[vlc-devel] Cocoa/Objective-C interface for VLC?

Felix Paul Kühne fkuehne.videolan at googlemail.com
Sun May 17 18:51:46 CEST 2009

Am 17.05.2009 um 16:45 schrieb Andre-John Mas:

> Thanks for the information. I wasn't aware of this.
You're absolutely welcome.

> I had made by comment based on not seeing any nibs for describing  
> the UI. Actually I saw one (MainMenu.nib),
> but could not open it with 'Interface Builder'. I suppose I made an  
> assumption without doing much research.
No problem at all. VLC's nib files are stored in /extras/package/ 
MacOSX/Resources/English.lproj. Packaged versions of VLC do include  
stripped versions of the nibs in the English.lproj folder - the  
folders for different languages are only stubs to work-around some  
Cocoa limitations. As the nibs are being stripped before the  
packaging, you're unable to open those. We do so for 2 reasons: reduce  
disk space and prevent easy manipulation.

> Has anyone put any documentation together on VLCKit?
Not really, as you noticed on the forum. However, there are sample  
applications /projects/macosx/framework as well as helpful texts in  
the headers of the framework. Additionally, questions on the framework  
should probably be answered quickly on list. I'll have a look at the  
wiki page, but regrettably I won't be able to spend much time on it.

Best regards,


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