[vlc-devel] Support of events in Mozilla plugin - Beta

Yannick Bréhon y.brehon at qiplay.com
Wed Nov 18 14:38:25 CET 2009

jpd at videolan.org a écrit :
> You may want to review your subscription of this mailinglist, as
> there were two answers on the 12th (attached).

Indeed, there was a problem with my mail client's over-enthusiastic spam
filter. Thanks for reposting, I would never have seen it otherwise.
Shouldn't happen again though.

A first question though, for Jean Paul in fact:

> Expéditeur:
> Jean-Paul Saman <jpsaman at gmail.com>
> 3) You methods/lists of type vector, but nowhere in the code you use
> that fact to your benefit.

what do you mean by this? The fact that it is a vector allows for fast
push_back operations and easy iterations, which is what is really needed
here and guided this choice. What would you suggest otherwise?

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