[vlc-devel] manually created patch because lack of smtp server

Frans Bouwmans frans.bouwmans at live.com
Thu Nov 19 14:12:07 CET 2009

Hi Remi

> * At the very least you must release the incoming blocks. I understand the 
> patch is purposedly incomplete, but that's not an excuse to leak.

> * Please remove the excessive debug. Especially the static variable is not 
> even thread-safe.

> * You should probably not to bother with a new configure option nor a new 
> source directory. This is small and self-contained so it can be always on.
Do you mean the way it is added to configure.ac, I was just following an example (maybe not the preferred one)

> * I don't understand why you create a new capability and bypass packetization. 
> Won't that prevent re-streaming the private ES?
My first goal is to provide the data to another application while the video is displayed.
i.e. in my specific case the private stream contains stanag 4609 data which provides the geodetic information of the provided video. This could for instance show the position of the video on a map.
I would assume that the packetization would be specific for an output to a media stream in which case the elementary stream is included inside a outgoing transport stream. This could be usefull for instance when the bitrate of the video needs to change (i.e bring down from 5 Mbit/s to 512 Kbit/s). I can see the use but will have to see how this needs to be done (I'm fairly new to vlc and how everything works).

> * Why do you add bindings to FFMPEG? Is that supposed to work?
Where is that binding to FFMPEG ?

Your comments are appreciated,


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