[vlc-devel] Questions regarding Windows x64 support

xxcv xxcv07 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 03:24:22 CEST 2009

Hello VLC developers and users:

Firstly I'd clarify that I am not a programmer and I have been a 
volunteer user doing unpaid work to test every aspects of VLC media 
player as I have been doing in the past several years.

I am only the end user who want to see improvements in VLC media player.
I devoted my time and resources towards your project, I want a usable 
and stable and an up to date vlc, this is the main reason and interest 
it have kept me working on the testing, debugging aspects of vlc 
sources, on Windows O/S, thus far.

As you may know already, I am currently testing building vlc.git in 
64-bits binary format on Windows, as I am typing this I feel I am all 
alone ...
I'm trying to debug and build plus build the compiler, all by myself 
retesting and report bugs to the appropriate organizations.
What I want to ask is, do you want to support it at the source level ? 
ATM I do not see this happening.
Although Remi has already told me that I'm wasting my time here, as no 
body seems to be working on the vlc 64-bits support for windows.
Rather then getting no replies from emails I've sent, as a long time bug 
reporter on VLC's Trac bug tracker in the paste few years, you recently 
moved Trac to another aliased dns name trac-test.
My Trac account named "random" have since been deactivated and unable to 
create or reply to Trac tickets.
The admin who move for Trac to different dns name or database attempted 
to hide the bug tracker from the public as well as it has disappeared 
off the VideoLAN Website no link point to trac-test what-so-ever.
This, namely the bug tracker has been my concern as you discourage and 
deny it from general public access. The person who responsible for and 
maintains the VideoLAN Website bug tracker should resign and step down 
namely the pigheaded b-j.

Having said that, I hope my words aren't so offensive, like I said, I am 
a volunteer to test vlc and I have not been thanked in THANKS file since 
the release of vlc-1.0.0. However, I have submitted patches in the past 
to the best of my abilities for several bug reports since 0.8 series 
including the win32 directory DIR type which has been incorporated and 
implemented AFAICS, although the patch I wrote isn't necessarily 
politically correct or compatible with multiple platform, it has been 
difficult for me.
Anyways its been a long time, and it is my time to say goodbye and farewell.
I hope it'll be better without me having to annoying you with bugs.


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