[vlc-devel] Questions regarding Windows x64 support

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Sat Oct 3 10:52:48 CEST 2009

Le samedi 3 octobre 2009 04:24:22 xxcv, vous avez écrit :
> Although Remi has already told me that I'm wasting my time here, as no
> body seems to be working on the vlc 64-bits support for windows.

No. I said it was a waste of time to ask *me* to fix Win64 support.

On the one hand, your strack backtraces have been totally unusable to me.
On the other hand, I do not have the necessary hardware (x86-64 system), 
software (Windows) to reproduce your issues.

> Rather then getting no replies from emails I've sent, as a long time bug
> reporter on VLC's Trac bug tracker in the paste few years, you recently
> moved Trac to another aliased dns name trac-test.
> My Trac account named "random" have since been deactivated and unable to
> create or reply to Trac tickets.
> The admin who move for Trac to different dns name or database attempted
> to hide the bug tracker from the public as well as it has disappeared
> off the VideoLAN Website no link point to trac-test what-so-ever.

Yes, that's annoying me too. I reckon we have a problem with F*****G stupid 
bots crawling Trac inspite of robots.txt abd bringing it down, but Trac has 
been hardly usable to me lately. I don't even bother to go there at all 

> This, namely the bug tracker has been my concern as you discourage and
> deny it from general public access.

We aren't. MSNbot and spammers are.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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