[vlc-devel] dionoea where art thou ?

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Sun Oct 25 20:36:19 CET 2009

> Sephiroth (Fabio) has done a GSoC on Lua scripts for web discovery
> services. (/me being his mentor) The goal was to be able to browse
> Youtube-like websites within VLC (and without HTML/Flash). IIRC, the
> feature is ready, and needs only some last code review before merge,
> and nice GUIs.
> One of the requirements in his work was to get a 'drag'n'drop'
> capability: once you copy/paste your script in the scripts folder, you
> get the new feature installed (ie. support for a new website). This
> project has exactly the same issue as lua parsers do (web pages change
> all the time).

Okay. But we already have that for playlist and meta scripts.

Should we start advertising this on the website ? The upcoming release
that fixes the breakage of the youtube script could be an opportunity.

Pierre Ynard
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