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Sat Sep 5 19:50:22 CEST 2009

Hi, I am about to release a library of video tutorial videos. They are  
recorded with Camtaisa and produced in mpeg4 or .wmv . I am looking for a 
player  that I can send out along with the videos that I can customize. VLC seems 
a good  choice, but I'd rather spend my time making more titles than 
learning how to get  the player to do what I want. 
What I would like:
(1)   a simple skin. No extra buttons or frills. 
(2)   to be able to " brand " it with my company's  logo.   It can still 
say VLC credit were credit is due.
(3)   While I have all of my titles watermarked, I'd like to add  to each 
player I send out, a watermark on the video frame with each customers  name. 
I hope to discourage screen capture and posting to the web.
(4)  in the same line of thought, is it possible to remove the record  
I'm working with a dongle company to make my videos only play on the vlc  
player I send out. I'd also like to make the adapted player easy to install.  
Maybe a new .exe,  or a file replacement .exe for them to install.
Xml is new to me and I need a simple to use solution.
I'm would be happy to pay someone to take on this project for me and be  
able to answer my questions to get me started.   Thanks in advance,  John 
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