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Kaarlo Räihä agent_007 at luukku.com
Sun Sep 6 15:15:07 CEST 2009

WDC14k at aol.com kirjoitti 05.09.2009 kello 20:50:
> Hi, I am about to release a library of video tutorial videos. They are  
> recorded with Camtaisa and produced in mpeg4 or .wmv . I am looking
>  for a 
> player  that I can send out along with the videos that I can
>  customize. VLC
> seems 
> a good  choice, but I'd rather spend my time making more titles than 
> learning how to get  the player to do what I want. 
> What I would like:
> (1)   a simple skin. No extra buttons or frills. 
> (2)   to be able to " brand " it with my company's  logo.   It can
>  still 
> say VLC credit were credit is due.
> (3)   While I have all of my titles watermarked, I'd like to add  to
>  each 
> player I send out, a watermark on the video frame with each customers
> name. 
> I hope to discourage screen capture and posting to the web.
> (4)  in the same line of thought, is it possible to remove the record  
> button?
> I'm working with a dongle company to make my videos only play on the
>  vlc  
> player I send out. I'd also like to make the adapted player easy to
> install.  
> Maybe a new .exe,  or a file replacement .exe for them to install.
> Xml is new to me and I need a simple to use solution.
> I'm would be happy to pay someone to take on this project for me and
>  be  
> able to answer my questions to get me started.   Thanks in advance, 
>  John 

How much are you willing to pay?

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