[vlc-devel] [vlc-commits] commit: qt4: Don't create QMenu without parents (Erwan Tulou )

brezhoneg1 brezhoneg1 at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 7 15:24:37 CEST 2010


    True for qt4, but wrong for skins ... All four of them are used in the skins API given to skins developpers ( as expressed in this excerpt from the skins website)

    dialogs.popup(): Show the full popup menu, (already available with a right-click on a Image control).
    dialogs.audioPopup(): Show the audio settings popup menu (since VLC 0.8.6).
    dialogs.videoPopup(): Show the video settings popup menu (since VLC 0.8.6).
    dialogs.miscPopup(): Show a popup menu containing playback control and general options (since VLC 0.8.6).
   Though it is not widely used, some skins do use them.

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   I fear things are a lot more complicated

    -  There is not one popmenu menu but four independent popmenus (PopMenu, VideoPopupMenu, AudioPopupMenu, MiscPopupMenu)
    (see dialogs_provider.cpp around line 162)

I think other ones besides PopupMenu are not used anywhere.

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