[vlc-devel] Flamebait: PulseAudio removal

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Dec 1 11:52:34 CET 2010

'Twas brillig, and Rémi Denis-Courmont at 30/11/10 17:39 did gyre and
>> Ahh cool. I guess the problem remains that VLC could be compiled against
>> 0.9,22 but still run against 0.9.21 which was my main concern with a
>> compile-time option (there is no libpulse lib-major difference as the
>> API is the same).
> That's would be a packaging bug. vlc-plugin-pulse should require a high enough 
> version of libpulse. As upstream, we can only try to warn packagers.

Yeah, fair enough really. I'm certainly not going to be too worried
about the strange scenario I presented either. It's it a very, very edge
case in the overall scheme of things.

>> A runtime check should be fairly simple. Do you want me to take a look
>> still or do you think the current approach will catch enough of the
>> problem cases (most users should upgrade all their distro packages
>> together after all and if you self compile it should be caught too).
> A run-time check will require the PA plugin be linked to libX11, unless you 
> want to play ugly dlsym() tricks. I would rather avoid that.

Hmm, right I see. I thought the problems would only present themselves
when xlib was actually used (which only happens when the PA connection
is established). I guess just pulling in the lib is enough to cause the
problems? If so then I fully agree that dlsym tricks would be not be
worth the effort here.




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