[vlc-devel] use libvlc by vc6.0 mfc application problem

杨志祥 yangzx at acejet.com.cn
Sat Dec 4 13:00:12 CET 2010

  i use vlc 1.1.4 sdk,i download sdk folder all files,and change livvlccore.dll.a to livvlccore.lib,libvlc.dll.a to libvlc.lib  i use create MFC application by vc6.0,compile it is OK.but ,i run in debug mode,run "inst = libvlc_new (0, NULL);" code failed,ints=NULL.why? it not use VC6.0 compile only use vc8.0 or later??
 (if i use tool from dll export lib file,it is same problem)
please help me!

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