[vlc-devel] Adding POST support to the http access module

Jakub Wieczorek fawek at fawek.net
Tue Dec 28 01:30:30 CET 2010


I'm working on an last.fm service discovery module as a GCI task and
for communication with the site's HTTP API I decided to use built-in
streams. The problem I'm struggling with is that the HTTP module
doesn't support the POST operation, which is the mandatory method for
one of the requests I need to be making to the service. I would like
to add support for this to that module but I'm not sure if such
addition would be acceptable given that, from what I understand, the
access modules were designed to support "read-only" routines for
playback and not to support the entire protocols. On the other hand,
HTTP is used in several service discovery modules (as a matter of
fact, all of them are Lua scripts), where using the POST method may be
sometimes necessary, as it is in my case.

>From what I can see, the implementation would be fairly easy. My plan
is to add an "http-method" property to the access module that defaults
to GET, of course. The major difficulty here would be integration of
the message body into the existing stream interface. I was thinking of
simply adding a http-request-body property but I'm not sure how
flexible that is. For my use-case it's definitely enough though.

What do you think?

Best regards,
Jakub Wieczorek

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