[vlc-devel] MAC OSX plugin frame over video

Yair Han YairH at optibase.com
Mon Jan 4 09:42:23 CET 2010


I've fixed this bug on the MAC OSX GUI module. The only problem is that
you have to use the regular module and not the minimal one. I didn't
have the time to investigate the minimal one. 
As I recall from the "VideoLan Dev days" J-P Saman told me not to use
the regular one because it causes memory leaks using it with the web
plugin configuration.

The fix is simple:

1) Open the following file: vlc-1.0.3\modules\gui\macosx\voutgl.m

2) Go to line 773

3) Replace the AND (&&) with OR (||) as followed:

/* ignore consecutive viewport update with identical parameters */
if( memcmp(&clipBounds, &(p_vout->p_sys->clipBounds), sizeof(clipBounds)
                     //&& memcmp(&viewBounds,
&(p_vout->p_sys->viewBounds), sizeof(viewBounds)) )
                     || memcmp(&viewBounds,
&(p_vout->p_sys->viewBounds), sizeof(viewBounds)) )

It should work and fix the overlay Tabs problem. Just note that it
should be fixed for the minimal too so, it's not complete.

BTW, anyone have any idea about the frames on running videos?

Yair Han
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Weird I rebuilt it from from the 1.0 branch source at its no longer  
floating above everything. The only issue seems to be that if you  
switch tabs what ever frame of video was showing gets drawn over the  
content of the second tab. Mouse clicks pass through to the web page  
below it and new video is not drawn on it until you go back to the tab  
the plugin is on. Stopping the video or closing the the plugins tab is  
the only way to get rid of this visual effect. Media play back  
continues in the background. I have attached a screen shot to  
demonstrate the effect. I was working with both Safari and Firefox I  
have no idea which one this was from but both due the same thing. Also  
the waiting for video message that is displayed before any media is  
received draws normally.

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