[vlc-devel] MAC OSX plugin frame over video

Yair Han YairH at optibase.com
Thu Jan 7 13:19:25 CET 2010



This fix should solve the tab overlay problem. In order it to work you
should take out the line that removes the macosx lib from the make file
so the package will be built with the regular module inside.






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Is this the fix for memory leak in regular macosx vout,  or the tab
overlay problem?

I modified the codes based on 1.0.3 source but I still have the problem,
I have to add for some reason I cant switch back to regular macosx it
still says minimal_macosx module is used.

I have modified the vlcplugin.cpp file line 102 to:

would you please let me know if I need to change something else as well.


      //ppsz_argv[ppsz_argc++] = "--vout=minimal_macosx";

      ppsz_argv[ppsz_argc++] = "--vout=macosx";






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