[vlc-devel] New Translation languages

Peter Kämmerling Peter at Kammerling.de
Wed Jan 13 15:43:43 CET 2010


I am on the way to project a dvb-s2 streaming server hardware:
- two coax in 	for two tuner/ts-demodulator modules
- one gig eth out for hopefully four or more concurrent video streams to clients
- power in, hopefully about 5..10W
- linux, vlc, dvb-driver / all software gpl and well documented
- hopefully <250€ in small amount production, <50€ in mid amount production, <25€ in high amount production

is anybody interested in participating in the project ?
	- linux driver for the ts-interface / tuner / decoder
	- hardware projection
	- schematic / layout
	- prototype testing
	- venture capital

I am in the phase of
	defining hardware and software
	calculating the development costs
	calculating the parts costs
	trying to figure out, what can be done by myself and others
	trying to get venture capital for the first prototypes and development work, which has to be payed for


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