[vlc-devel] A developer to hire ---

Joao Azevedo techfuga at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 12:13:41 CET 2010

Hi ---

This is Joao and I would like to hire a developer for:

: installing and set up VLC Media Player in my linux back end server
: set up VLC to play in our web site videos to our users
: we will allow our users to upload videos and share videos from other sites
and then play them in our site
: an finally I would like to allow our site users to convert videos to other
format, for example to play in ihpone--

All this is done via our web site with the VideolAN at our back end server

I dot know among of work as I dont have any experience in forecast how much
work is there assuming that  VLC already does all this, and would need to be
just installed and configured to work as a web client and not a desktop

Anyone interest in earning some  money pls send me an email

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