[vlc-devel] commit: Qt: try to avoid a potential race condition (Jean-Baptiste Kempf )

Rémi Duraffort ivoire at videolan.org
Fri Jan 29 15:42:36 CET 2010

> I would like to clarify thing out to myself. I wonder, was that commit a
> direct response of a crash that you experienced? I know that crashes
> _happened_ at handleExpansion() but that was a while ago before I fixed the
> bug that currentView was not set in StandardPLPanel constructor _at all_. I
> believe that as long as it is set at any point in constructor, crashes
> shouldn't happen, because I believe that in VLC's case all our events from
> core are handled in the main Qt thread, so handleExpansion() will never
> happen before the end of StandardPLPanel constructor.
> Is that so? ...just for the sake of calirification.
Yes that's the answer to a bug I reported directly to jb on IRC. Qt
interface was crashing most of the time.

Rémi Duraffort | ivoire

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