[vlc-devel] DVB-S scanning

David Kaplan david at 2of1.org
Sat Jul 31 21:02:19 CEST 2010

I'm busy working on improving the DVB support (there's are quite a few items
here - specially int he area of usability).

I'd like a few suggestions re DVB-S scanning.

The best way of scanning is using sat transponder lists (imho at least).
Using a freq range isn't that sensible and there are very good sat lists
that can help greatly.
It would be great if we could somehow include these lists in VLC. That way I
can reference them from the dvb code and allow for scanning of satellites by
sat name/position.
Is this something we could consider at all (It'll add a few kb). if so,
where's the best place to put them and how should I access the lists from
the VLC code (is there a generic way of handling such text file resources?)

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