[vlc-devel] About #3353

Jean-Philippe André jpeg at videolan.org
Thu Jun 3 19:48:18 CEST 2010


"When both .lua and .luac files with the same filename are present in
the same lua\sd folder, they are both listed instead the .lua should
be ignored in this case."

As we do ship both versions in the same folder, there is an urgent
need to fix this - one way or the other.

Fabio proposed a patch some time ago, that allows to execute both
versions of the SD (the script and its compiled counterpart). But it
changes the API and I'm not very keen with this, so near from the
release. Moreover, it does not actually solve this issue, as SDs are
still listed twice.

I have a solution to actually fix #3353. When two files have the exact
same name (except for the trailing c), only the most recent is kept
(with a higher priority for the .luac version).
But it's an ugly HACK. See attachements.

I am not happy with either these solutions. I don't see the point in
having both versions of the scripts in the same folder. Indeed,
playlist, meta, extensions, ... will also be listed twice. This means
two extensions for the price of one, and twice more tests for playlist
We could either not ship the sources .lua (but that would be a shame),
or ship them in some other folder, maybe.


Jean-Philippe André (jpeg)
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