[vlc-devel] Services Discovery interface upgrade

Jakob Leben jakob.leben at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 02:42:52 CEST 2010

Hello world,

I propose the change / addition / upgrade to Services Discovery interface as
indicated by the attached patch to vlc_services_discovery.h, which addresses
issues that I have come across when working on and dealing with the current
SD and playlist implementation.

Most notably it allows the following three features:
- SD modules can publish items in unlimited depth of hierarchy
- It is on clients to decide whether and when they want the SD to fetch and
fill the children of a particular parent item.
- It allows SD clients to distinguish pure container items from others that
can actually be played.

As a bonus cool feature that I don't really see an actual purpose yet :), it
allows SD modules to provide items within their item tree that are obtained
and controlled from other SD modules.

A detailed explanation of the proposed functionality is in the patch, but I
also post it here for instant preview.

You are very welcome to comment and to constructively brainstorm on any
conflicting SD usage case that I might not have foreseen or anything that
might be an obstacle to implementation of the proposed interface.

Please note that this is rather a sketch proposal than an actual patch to be

Best regards,


  VLC Services Discovery Protocol:

  A SD client creates and starts a SD service.

  The service will provide a tree structure of nodes of type sd_node_t that
  or may not be associated with actual playable items at their p_input_item
  field. The b_is_container field of a node indicates if any children can be
  provided for that node. Typically, container nodes will not themselves be
  associated with any playable items (p_input_item == NULL).

  The method by which the service provides nodes is as follows:

  The service fills a particular parent node with children only AFTER the
  requests so with services_discovery_Fetch(). If b_is_container field of
  (parent) node is false then trying to fetch children should do nothing,
  the opposite: the service should set the field to true if children can be
  provided for that particular (parent) node.
  For every child node provided, the system will emit an "item-added" event.

  The b_has_live_update field of a node indicates that the service is able
  spontaneously and continuously update the set of node's children AFTER the
  children have first been fetched AND the client has requested updating
  services_discovery_SwitchLiveUpdate(... , true). For every child node
  added/removed an "item-added"/"item-removed" event will be emitted.

  Already when started up, the service provides the abstract root node at
  p_root field, of which children will be the actual meaningful nodes.

  Except for i_children, pp_children and p_parent, no fields of sd_node_t
  be modified after it has been "published" by the service.

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