[vlc-devel] [Question] PCM encoding with transcode

Antonin Delpeuch antonin at delpeuch.eu
Sat Jun 19 14:59:00 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to know how to read the data coming from smem's output (I 
only handle sound).
-> Is this PCM output signed ? The data array has (uint8_t*) for type, 
but I don't think it mean anything since the data can also be encoded on 
16 bits.
-> How to know which channel each set of samples belongs to ? The 
callback has a "channels" parameter, but according to my tests, it only 
mean the number of channels and not the current one.

Actually this depends more on transcode than on smem, but I didn't find 
any info about this raw encoding on the wiki.
I hope I'm not too annoying (that's not my first noob question about 
smem), but I'm currently writing a page on the wiki, explaining how to 
use smem, so the answers can be useful for everybody.

Thanks !

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