[vlc-devel] Compiling 1.0.5 under MSYS

Jacques Boileau jboileau at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 21:06:37 CET 2010


I want to build VLC 1.0.5 win32 under Windows. I am setting up a
MinGW/MSys environment according to 'Win32CompileMSYSNew' document on
the Wiki. But I am having problem understanding a step.

1. My understanding is that the 'Notes from December 2009' can be
ignored because they are superseeded by the 'Notes from January 2010'.
Let me know if this is untrue.

2. In 'Notes from January 2010', where do I find full GCC 4.4.2? On
the MinGW site I can see 4.4.0 but not 4.4.2.

3. What contribs should be used with this environment when building
1.0.5, contrib-20100109-win32-bin-gcc-4.4.2-runtime-3.17-only.tar.bz2
or contrib-20100214-win32-bin-gcc-4.4.2-runtime-3.17-only.tar.bz2?


Jacques Boileau

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