[vlc-devel] Win32 audio thread priorities

Kaarlo Räihä kaarlo.raiha at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 20:37:32 CET 2010

I was checking out some VLC message logs and I noticed following when
running with Waveout:
main debug: thread (waveOut Notification Thread) created at priority 1

when run with DirectX audio output:
main debug: thread (DirectSound Notification Thread) created at priority 15

The priority is different. But according to source code

Waveout uses VLC_THREAD_PRIORITY_OUTPUT which is defined in


and that according to MSDN it shouldn't return 1 in any case.

In VLC 0.8.6 the Waveout used VLC_THREAD_PRIORITY_HIGHEST but I can't find
commit log that explains why it was changed.

To my knowledge 1 is way too small value priority for audio thread. I can
send patch to change this, but I would like to know if there is some reason
for this.

And BTW, I will merge all VLC related mailing to this email address. So I
won't use agent 007 at luukku and firstname.surname at tut addresses
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