[vlc-devel] sdp file handling in vlc

Harish Nallapti chinnaedu at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 08:02:45 CET 2010

I have been thriving to know this for a long time....

My problem is i have generated an sdp file using vlc player using the command

"vlc -vvv -I rc "file:///D:\main\Paying Guests\Paying Guests.avi"




Now this generated me an sdp file applying all the encoding on the
input file from the input path..

Now when i opened up another player(vlC) and played the sdp as any
other normal mp3,etc.. it played(it should since it acts

a streaming server too, as Darwin also does teh same,which live555 is
not supporting..... )

but what i want to do now is use the functionality of vlc and play the sdp....

For this where can i get assistance... i want to know which mocule in
Vlc handles this...

Someone from the VLC code experts and users please do guide me....
eagerly waiting...

Any help is highly appreciated

Thank you


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