[vlc-devel] [GSoC] Qualification task

Pankaj yadav pankajdnapster at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 01:40:43 CET 2010


I'm Pankaj Yadav [IRC nick pk__ ] , a junior in mining engineering.
I have an acceptable experience with C programming, a more than ordinary
knowledge of Computer Networks,Graphics.I have been involved with VLC for
more than an year.

I plan to work on RTMPDump Integration this summer as a SoC participant.

My Experience with VLC :

A.Ported a portion of VLC to Symbian that included :
1.Porting VLC core
2.Developing Audio Out Module using Symbian Native APIs
3.Developing a very basic Interface Module using OpenGL ES.
4.Optimizations required to make vlc run on Low Resource Devices.

B.Worked on Minimal mode of Qt Interface to convert it into a prototype of
Toolbar Mode

Above two helped me understand VLC Workflow ,its modules,looking,selection
and loading of modules and its QT-Ui.

In order to Integrate RTMPDump , my methodology would be to unserstand APIs
provided by RTMPDump, then will design the required Access and Demux modules
for various implementations of RTMP/RTMPT/RTMPS/RTMPE

I have already sent patch for ToolbarMode.
Attached is the 1.Symbian Audio out Module for vlc 2.A very very basic
OpenGl ES based UI module.Please consider these as my Qualification task.

>From the Ideas shown on the wiki page I find RTMPDump project best suited
for me.

Ideas from my side Include
(I)A functional Symbian Port+Mobile UI ..[Symbian Port currently lacks just
a UI , so I personally don't consider Mobile UI and Symbian Port Projects
much different]
(II) Toolbar Mode[Description Mailed earlier]

Pankaj Yadav [IRC Nick : pk__ ]
Integrated Dual Degree Pt-III
Deptt. of Mining Engg.
Institute of Technology
Banaras Hindu University,Varanasi,India
Personal: pankajdnapster at gmail.com
Academic : pankaj.yadav.min07 at itbhu.ac.in
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