[vlc-devel] Webm Experimental build for Win32

Juho Vähä-Herttua juhovh at iki.fi
Sun May 23 10:21:30 CEST 2010

On 22.5.2010, at 14.47, Juho Vähä-Herttua wrote:
> I had to fight a bit with building the contrib, but it went reasonably well in the end, notes in:
> http://www.vaha-herttua.fi/public/webm-notes.txt
> The vpx_port->vpx_ports change wasn't in 1.1 tree and FFMPEGCONFG->FFMPEGCONF change can probably also be merged as is. For the rest you can see for yourself. I think testing the build would be useful.

Thanks to Felix for updating the binaries and reworking the patch and all. Compiling WebM support on Mac is much nicer without manual patching.


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