[vlc-devel] ANLoc Localisation Project

Jojoo Imbeah jojoo.imbeah at kasahorow.com
Wed Oct 13 16:14:29 CEST 2010

+bcc: ANLoc tech team

Hi there,
My name is Jojoo and I am a member of the ANLoc support team that is
assisting language teams to translate VLC.

I need your assistance with the following languages. Could you please send
me their *.po files so I forward them to be set up on our translation
platform (Pootle) for our language teams to begin work? I have listed the
languages with their ISO 639-2 names.

ach - Acholi
aka - Akan
amh - Amharic
bam - Bambara
cgg - Chiga
ful - Fulah
lug - Luganda
son - Songhay
swa - Swahili

Jojoo Imbeah
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