[vlc-devel] VOD without seems broken (causes)

Denis Charmet typx at dinauz.org
Tue Oct 19 16:50:18 CEST 2010


I tried today to setup a simple vod (with lua telnet) :

new test vod                
setup test output
setup test input http://mystream/stream.mjpg
setup test enabled

And vlm blocked at enable.

Looking at the code the "lock" is in src/input/vlm.c line 623-624.
The input just never dies.

Now looking at modules/stream_out/description.c we can see line 152:
p_input->b_eof = true;

Which apparently doesn't stop the input at all. So I think commit
e44b8916a9edb01186613aa1a681e3cf0df2a217 just broke vod when a mux is
not specified.

Now should this commit be reverted, should we add "input_Stop( p_input, true);"
in modules/stream_out/description.c or is there a better solution?

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