[vlc-devel] Formal complaint - censorship

Rob rob at hobbyistsoftware.com
Tue Oct 26 13:29:43 CEST 2010

> Well, for people outside of VideoLAN,  it looked like an official
> statement. Without a sentence like "Warning, this is my own opinion,
> not the consensus in VideoLAN", anyone following planet.v.o would
> think this is an official decision (moreover with formulations like "a
> formal notification of copyright infringement was sent" instead of "I
> sent a formal notification").

at the risk of wading into contentious waters - does this provide a  
possible solution?

1) Rémi adds an update making it clear that the post is in the capacity of  
a personal blog, and not the VideoLAN consensus
2) The feed is restored

 from what I have read, Rémi intended the use of planet.videolan to make it  
clear that it was a personal statement, so hopefully would be happy to  
clarify that.


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