[vlc-devel] [PATCH] AudioQueue aout (for the Apple iOS)

Romain Goyet r.goyet at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 19:53:20 CEST 2010

Hi there,

  As you guys must have seen, Pierre and I have ported VLC to the
iPad. After reviewing our custom tree, we think some of our patches
can (should ?) be merged into the "main" VLC tree.
FYI, VLC on the iPad relies on 4 components :
1 - "core" VLC.
2 - VLCKit, which we use heavily. Given Pierre is the maintainer of
this part of the project, I think he'll merge what he thinks is
3 - MediaLibraryKit : This is some code that was extruded from
Lunettes. Again, I'll let Pierre handle this. Maybe this deserve a
separate repository ?
4 - MobileVLC : This is the "UI" part of the code. This is some code
that is specific to the iOS (it wouldn't even work on the MacOS
without a lot of changes).

My opinion on this is as follow :

1 - For core VLC, I think we should send you patches for review, as
these can be of use to other people. Essentially, we have done 3
things (Pierre correct me if I'm wrong) :
 -> An aout using the AudioQueue API (works on iOS and Mac OS X)
[Written by me essentially ].
As a starting point, I've attached a patch that adds this module to
the current vlc top-of-tree. I think that is a good starting point for
merging :-)
 -> A vout, using OpenGLES (in its current states works only on the
iOS, but it could really help porting to other OpenGLES devices)
[Again, written by me essentially, but Pierre has read all the code
and should be able to answer question as much as me if not better ]
 -> A pretty big patch (that I would have been totally unable to write
BTW) that builds VLC as a single static library. This was needed
because one of the AppStore rules is that applications can only use
static libraries. [As you've guessed, Pierre did this one]

2 - VLCKit : Pierre did all that part. IIRC, this consisted in two parts :
 -> Fitting the ObjC restrictions on the iOS (FYI, there are some APIs
that are available on the Mac that aren't on the iOS)
 -> Play nicely with a static version of libvlc
Pierre knows much better than I do, but I think this code should be
mergeable. Anyway, I'll let Pierre decide what to do about this :-)

3 - MediaLibraryKit and 4 MobileVLC : IMHO, this shouldn't be merged
in vlc as it's very platform-specific. However I think that'd be great
if the code was hosted @videolan.org. What do you guys think ?

Kind regards,

 - Romain
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