[vlc-devel] [PATCH] AudioQueue aout (for the Apple iOS)

Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont at free.fr
Sun Sep 12 00:48:58 CEST 2010

On Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 7:53 PM, Romain Goyet <r.goyet at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
>  As you guys must have seen, Pierre and I have ported VLC to the
> iPad. After reviewing our custom tree, we think some of our patches
> can (should ?) be merged into the "main" VLC tree.
> FYI, VLC on the iPad relies on 4 components :
> 1 - "core" VLC.
> 2 - VLCKit, which we use heavily. Given Pierre is the maintainer of
> this part of the project, I think he'll merge what he thinks is
> appropriate.
> 3 - MediaLibraryKit : This is some code that was extruded from
> Lunettes. Again, I'll let Pierre handle this. Maybe this deserve a
> separate repository ?
> 4 - MobileVLC : This is the "UI" part of the code. This is some code
> that is specific to the iOS (it wouldn't even work on the MacOS
> without a lot of changes).
> My opinion on this is as follow :
> 1 - For core VLC, I think we should send you patches for review, as
> these can be of use to other people. Essentially, we have done 3
> things (Pierre correct me if I'm wrong) :
>  -> An aout using the AudioQueue API (works on iOS and Mac OS X)
> [Written by me essentially ].
> As a starting point, I've attached a patch that adds this module to
> the current vlc top-of-tree. I think that is a good starting point for
> merging :-)
>  -> A vout, using OpenGLES (in its current states works only on the
> iOS, but it could really help porting to other OpenGLES devices)
> [Again, written by me essentially, but Pierre has read all the code
> and should be able to answer question as much as me if not better ]
>  -> A pretty big patch (that I would have been totally unable to write
> BTW) that builds VLC as a single static library. This was needed
> because one of the AppStore rules is that applications can only use
> static libraries. [As you've guessed, Pierre did this one]

The part about static library support is rather small AFAIK.
We also have some contrib hacking to get multiple targets build
support within a single tree.

> 2 - VLCKit : Pierre did all that part. IIRC, this consisted in two parts :
>  -> Fitting the ObjC restrictions on the iOS (FYI, there are some APIs
> that are available on the Mac that aren't on the iOS)
>  -> Play nicely with a static version of libvlc
> Pierre knows much better than I do, but I think this code should be
> mergeable. Anyway, I'll let Pierre decide what to do about this :-)
> 3 - MediaLibraryKit and 4 MobileVLC : IMHO, this shouldn't be merged
> in vlc as it's very platform-specific. However I think that'd be great
> if the code was hosted @videolan.org. What do you guys think ?
> Kind regards,
>  - Romain
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