[vlc-devel] Adding a default video for audio-only sources

Tobias Güntner fatbull at web.de
Fri Sep 17 04:27:36 CEST 2010

Am 17.09.2010 03:10, schrieb Rémi Denis-Courmont:
>> 1) show the video from defaultVideo.avi during the playback of songA.mp3
>> 2) at the end of songA.mp3, the position in defaultVideo.avi should be
>> saved, and songB.avi should play (both audio and video)
>> 3) at the end of songB.avi, defaultVideo.avi should resume from the saved
>> position, and songC.mp3 should play.
> That would be quite complicated. You would need quite a bunch of changes to 
> the input and synchronization code. That sits in src/input/*.

Perhaps a custom visualization module would be simpler.


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