[vlc-devel] video playback issue for flash video

declan harrison harrison.declan at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 16:41:43 CEST 2010


I have a flash video that has one H264 stream and one AAC audio stream.

The video stream is really two separate streams joined together to
make one continuous stream but they have slight different PPS and SPS
entrys. This means VLC doesnt play the first part of the video stream
on the second part of the stream.

  So i thought I could add two
AVCDecoderConfigurationRecord's(AvcDcr) instead of one into the flash
video but the player seems to use the last entry in the file, meaning
the first part would play and the 2nd didnt.  Is it permissible to use
mutliple AVCDecoderConfigurationRecord's for a single stream?  Im not
sure the spec (ISO 14496-10) talks about using sub-streams for this
use case.

I then tried a different approach. I decided to have 1
AVCDecoderConfigurationRecord only but have 2 SPS and 2 PPS entrys in
each table within the record rather than the one that is normal.
Again this didnt work VLC seemed to take the last entry in each SPS
table or PPS  table.  The spec 14495-15 appears to allow for muliple
entrys within the AvcDcr.

Is both of these approaches to this problem flawed?  If so, is there a
standard approach to this problem, without having to re-encode video


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