[vlc-devel] Reference garbled subtitles and The file name to start playing shows garbled

San wang王辉 hwang at teamsourcing.com.cn
Tue Sep 28 08:32:12 CEST 2010


I am a programmer about VC, now I want to develop a media player using vlc
library. But when I external add subtitles, the caption of screen is
garbled, like Chinese word “忠” ,display ‘??’. I think this is because
the coding is Unicode, should you tell me the solution of Unicode convert
utf-8 or normal display additional subtitles.

Then I using vlc library, play a file, The Screen can show the file’s name,
but the name is garbled. So, can you tell me which Method can solve the
question please .

Thank you very much.

Ps: Files about rmvb or rm format, when I drop ,the screen show distortion,
I don’t kill that. 




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