[vlc-devel] How to stream frames from webcam (captured with OpenCV)

Matias Hernandez Arellano msdark at archlinux.cl
Fri Apr 1 16:28:52 CEST 2011

(sorry for my poor english)..

I hope i'm writing to right list..

I have an application  to do some image processing created with OpenCV (to capture frames from a camera and manipulate the images) .. now i need to add a streaming capability (the idea is see the result of the processing part in other machine, maybe through HTML5) .. So i made a little research about this, and found i can use different protocols to do that and i think to use RTP ...

Then i try to found a good tool/lib to accomplish my task. .. i try with gstreamer, they have an API called AppSrc to push data into a buffer (in this case the frames getting with OpenCV) and stream that, but i have some troubles to join their Glib Loop with the application, so i think in libvlc , but i can't find any example of how can i do the stream part with frames externally created ... ..

So. It's possible to use libvlc to stream this content??
Any guideline, idea or example about this?

Thanks in advance.

Matías Hernandez Arellano
Ingeniero de Software/Proyectos en VisionLabs S.A
CDA Archlinux-CL

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