[vlc-devel] In deinterlacing this week: odds and ends

Juha Jeronen juha.jeronen at jyu.fi
Fri Apr 8 01:28:47 CEST 2011

Hi all,

1) "Mean" and "Blend" are confusing labels. I had to read the source
code of both to find the difference. :)

Should we consider these user labels stuck for historical reasons, or
could they be renamed in 1.2 to "Blend (half res.)" and "Blend (full
res.)" or something similar? What do you guys think?

(This would make the choice easier for new users without reading the
docs. It shouldn't hurt existing users (much?), if the internal names
are kept as-is.)

2) I was surprised to discover that Linear interpolates 4:2:0 chroma,
handling it as if it was the luma. This may or may not be the Right
Thing, depending on the input. As I'm not yet sure as to what to think
about this, it's not mentioned in the doc draft.

3) After writing the summary table in the doc draft, including X (2x)
(which I plan to suggest for merging later), I noticed that now Linear
is the odd one out, as it's missing a 1x mode...

However, that wouldn't work much better than Discard, so probably no one
would want to use it, unlike X (2x) which can be useful. Maybe I'll try
to resist the temptation to make everything symmetric ;)

On the other hand, we *do* have Discard, and if everything (or
very-almost-everything) came with a 2x mode, it would make the selection
more intuitive. So maybe I should, after all...?

On the third hand, it would add one more choice.

On the fourth hand... oh, well.

(Myself, I was puzzled by the menu entry "Yadif (2x)" back when I hadn't
read the source code.)

That's all for now,


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