[vlc-devel] Git access for Norwegian Bokmål translations

Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at physik.fu-berlin.de
Tue Apr 12 12:55:37 CEST 2011

On Apr 11, 2011, at 6:59 PM, Ole Andreas Utstumo wrote:

> Hello,
> We've just found a volunteer to mantain the Norwegian Bokmål VLC
> translations, which has been lacking for a year or so, and he's
> requesting write permission for GIT. Could you assist him? 

Oooh, that's nice. Thanks for finding someone. Is there actually already
a Norwegian translation for VLC? I live in Norway myself but use English
locales on all my machines, so I am never confronted with any Norwegian =).

I was quite sure all my Norwegian friends have VLC in English, even on
their Norwegian (bokmål) Windows installations. Shouldn't the language switch
to Norwegian by default?

> -- 
> Ole Andreas Utstumo
> Ubuntu Norwegian Translators, admin

Thanks a lot for helping to promote free software in Norway. Windows and
it's applications are still too popular here :(.

Hilse fra Oslo,


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