[vlc-devel] Git access for Norwegian Bokmål translations

Ole Andreas Utstumo omsetjing.utstumo at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 03:03:22 CEST 2011

ty. den 12. 04. 2011 klokka 12.55 (+0200) skreiv Adrian Glaubitz:
> Oooh, that's nice. Thanks for finding someone. Is there actually already
> a Norwegian translation for VLC? I live in Norway myself but use English
> locales on all my machines, so I am never confronted with any Norwegian =).

Ah, yes. I do believe VLC once had a Norwgeian bokmål interface, but it
seems all strings have gone fuzzy over time. 93 strings are marked as
translated as of now, with 3049 being fuzzy.

> I was quite sure all my Norwegian friends have VLC in English, even on
> their Norwegian (bokmål) Windows installations. Shouldn't the language switch
> to Norwegian by default?

Well, except there is no language file to be found. Ubuntu users' VLC
fell back on the Norwegian nynorsk translations. I guess we'll find out
when our man has gotten his fingers dirty :)


Ole Andreas

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