[vlc-devel] HELP Please ACTIVEX IE Win32

Guy Perkins me at atdotmedotuk.me.uk
Tue Apr 12 19:31:49 CEST 2011

Please Please could someone help me with a couple of problems that I
just cannot resolve.
I have been trying for some time searching through online documentation
and forums, but had no luck at all. (Found pages and posts that claim -
do it this way for issue 1, but none work)
I need to be able to get the player to simply play a playlist of "local"
video files in a continous loop. I Could get 0.9.4 to do this without
issue, but the newer versions won't seem to let me. I can't even get the
playlist to advance, it just plays the first track & stops.
So, how do you get a playlist of local files (not broadcast url's), to
advance/itterate and also to loop at the end. 
I have tried using entries during the object creation & within the
options during playlist.add. (Object - loop="true", autoloop="true"
loop="yes" etc etc & <peram entry, all uppercase/lowercase variants, and
similar within the playlist.add options array eg loop,autoloop etc)
I have tried using both the addtarget method and playlist.add method of
populating the player
I am quite happy to populate the player programatically within the
javascript or to use a playlist file if the activex plugin can read it &
populate itself
I cannot find any API's that force loop or autoplay/advance
The only really poor workaround that even gets close that I have
managed, is to have a javascript function loop constanly to check the
player status & force next track when it's not playing, but this method
not only gives cpu/page script lag, but is also not a reliable method.
Surely there must be a way to simply instruct the player to do this.
(I'm tearing my hair out here)
This issue does not seem to be soley an activex one as this behaviour is
apparent in the win32 GUI. The DVB-T subtitle track lags & struggles to
keep pace with the AV output and causes cpu drain. If linear deinterlace
is on, needless to say, it gets far worse.
Again in 0.9.4, the DVB-T subtitles worked quite smoothly.
In case you are wondering why I don't just stick with the 0.9.4, this is
due to the linear deinterlace "leaking pictures" on occasions, so I need
the deinterlace stability of the newer versions.
Please, any input on either issue would be really appreciated, I know
you are all very busy devs & I really have tried here.
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