[vlc-devel] possible bug in vlc 1.1.9 full screen with tiling window manager

Michael Kopp skunksmail-bugzilla at yahoo.de
Sat Apr 16 00:03:45 CEST 2011

Hi there,

I possibly found a bug in the new VLC 1.1.9. I'm running Arch Linux,
Kernel 2.6.38 (64 bit) with Xorg X Server with the awesome
window manager 3.4.8. This is a tiling window manager. When I run VLC
in the non-tiling mode I have no problems, but when I run it in
tiling mode and switch to full screen, I cannot fully see the control
bar: I can only see the left `slower'-button, and about half of the
slide to select the position in the movie -- but no other controls
(sound, the time, etc).

I did not have these problems with any previous version of VLC.

I don't know whether it's useful, but I appended some output I captured
$ vlc --verbose 2 entropie.flv 2> /tmp/vlc



Michael Kopp <skunksmail-bugzilla at yahoo.de>

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