[vlc-devel] Access Unit of size=128 Pts=0 Dts=0 passed to decoder

Ralf Globisch rglobisch at csir.co.za
Fri Aug 19 10:46:58 CEST 2011


I hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction:
I have implemented a custom VLC H263 decoder plugin and have a quick question.
The decoder is fed data from the live555 RTSP plugin and seems to work

Sometimes an access unit of size 128 bytes is sent to the decoder with
a dts and pts of 0.
This definitely not a video sample which have an average size of
around 6000 bytes and
the decoder fails to decode it.

It seems to be related to network issues since buffering messages
appear on the console output.
The console output is as follows:
  [0x8ca5a94] main input error: ES_OUT_SET_(GROUP_)PCR  is called too
late (pts_delay increased to 1200 ms)
  [0x8ca5a94] main input debug: ES_OUT_RESET_PCR called
  [0x8e8326c] h263v2_dec decoder debug: DecodeAU: AU size 128 (dts:(0) pts:(0))

Some searching on the web revealed that this is *normal* :
Examples.: http://www.mentby.com/eisberg-reinhard/vlc-103-blackmagic-intensity-pro.html
    main error: ES_OUT_SET_(GROUP_)PCR  is called too late, increasing
pts_delay to 200 ms
    main error: ES_OUT_RESET_PCR called
    main warning: early picture skipped
    rawvideo warning: invalid frame size (128 < 4147200)

Or http://mailman.videolan.org/pipermail/vlc/2010-May/018931.html:
    spudec debug: invalid starting packet (size < 4 or pts <=0)
    spudec debug: spu size: 0, i_pts: 0 i_buffer: 128

I'm assuming that this is a sample that is sent to the decoder
probably to reset it
but I can't find any info on it (probably using the wrong search terms?).

Does any one know any specifics about this 128 byte sample?


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