[vlc-devel] Help for play m3u8

hefangtong hefangtong at qiyi.com
Mon Aug 29 10:33:32 CEST 2011

Subject: Re: [vlc-devel] Help for play m3u8

>> I’ve got a problem with playing m3u8 file with vlc. Attachment is my m3u8
>> file.
>> As I cannot get the size of segment from the http request, but I can get
>> from parsing the url just as listed in the attachment.

> ??
The content server will not give the content length in http requests, just
as you said segment->size got 0.
But the content length was labeled in segment url, so I parsed the url
manually to got real segment->size.

>> But now I got another problem, in Prefetch() function we got 2
>> segments(labeled 0, 1). But in function Peek(), there is always a warning
>> message " stream_filter_httplive stream error: segment 2 should have been
>> available (stream 0)".
>> How should I do to solve this problem?

> I don't really understand your mail, but there is indeed a problem
> with this playlist. My iPhone plays it well, but with VLC 1.2 git, I
>get :

>vlc: httplive.c :1379 : hls_Download:  assertion "segment->size > 0" failed
After manually parsed url, segment->size will get the real value. And you
will got the message " stream_filter_httplive stream error: segment 2 should
have been". 

>I will try to investigate this, unless somone else (like J.P. Saman
>:-) ) wants to do it.
Hope someone could help me to play m3u8 playlist with vlc on linux. 

>Frédéric Yhuel
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