[vlc-devel] looking for hard core VLC developers for open source contracting

Sergio M. Ammirata, Ph.D. sergio at ammirata.net
Wed Aug 24 06:44:41 CEST 2011

To be more specific, here is a list of my 7 top items:

1) Transcoding to h264/aac works for h264-TS input streams only when the
input stream is 720p. It is not working for 1080i or 480i inputs. It does
however work for all formats when the input is mpeg2.
2) When transcoding an mpeg2 video to h264/aac, the output video and audio
start in sync but get out of sync gradually. They are at least 1 second
apart after an hour. This happens regardless of what output envelope is
3) I need the decklink output module re-factored to be an output module
that can be combined with other streamed outputs.
4) The current decklink output SDI patch does not include a clock source
configuration parameter.
5) I need an input and output module for the AJA SDI card.
6) I would like the rtmp output module (currently not working at all)
modified to use the crtmpserver library (push only support is fine).
7) I would like to have support for ASI input through the Dektek ASI cards.

This is a contract for hire offer and the items listed are in ordered by
priority. Please reply with an estimate for the line item(s) to
sergio at ammirata.net

Help the open source community achieve a better product and make some
money in the process ;)



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>Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 14:36:32 -0400
>From: "Sergio M. Ammirata, Ph.D." <sergio at ammirata.net>
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>Subject: [vlc-devel] looking for hard core VLC developers for open
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>I have a list of items that I need to fix or enhance in the VLC codebase
>(VLC 1.2 latest GIT). If you have the skills, please contact me at
>sergio at ammirata.net
>All the code for this first contract will be immediately released back to
>the VLC development group as patches.

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