[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Make the Mac DMG prettier.

Rafaël Carré funman at videolan.org
Tue Dec 27 05:04:14 CET 2011

Le 11-12-26 22:07, Felix Paul Kühne a écrit :
> Hello,
> Am 27.12.2011 um 03:39 schrieb Rafaël Carré:
>> Le 2011-12-26 21:07, Brendon Justin a écrit :
> [cut]
>>>   	rm -f "$(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)-rw.dmg"
>>> -	hdiutil create -verbose -srcfolder "$(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)" "$(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)-rw.dmg" -scrub
>>> +	hdiutil create -verbose -srcfolder "$(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)" "$(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)-rw.dmg" -scrub -format UDRW
>>> +	hdiutil attach -readwrite -noverify -noautoopen "vlc-$(VERSION)-rw.dmg"
>> I think it'd be better to mount the dmg to a mount point in the current directory instead of /Volumes
> I tend to disagree here for the sake of simplicity.

> The mounted dmg is only present for a few seconds while this script is running, so there is a high chance of not conflicting with anything running on the dev's box.

Using a path relative to our build directory, there is infinitely less 
chances of a conflict.

Also no knowledge of MacOSX internals is required since the mount point 
is explicited on the command line.

> Additionally, the needed option "-mountroot" (for the attach command) only understands path up to a total length of 90  characters, a limit which was only recently moved to 1024 characters…

Relative paths work: "a" is 1 character, it fits the lowest limit 
easily; but we can use something more explicit like "./mount" or whatever.

Did I convince you ?

> There is another problem with Brendon's script which he mentioned in the related trac ticket: it requires the accessibility settings to be enabled on the box creating the dmg to let the AppleScript do the stuff he wants it to do.
> At present, this script doesn't check for the enabled accessibility stuff and will utterly fail on Macs with the default configuration.

Will it fail with bad side effects?

> Except for that, it's a nice contribution :-)
> Best regards,
> Felix

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