[vlc-devel] VLC, better AMR support, support in browsers

Kálmán „KAMI” Szalai kami911 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 08:27:10 CET 2011

Hi Kaarlo,

2011-02-03 06:43 keltezéssel, Kaarlo Räihä írta:
>     I advised to my project leader to use VLC instead of Quicktime for
>     AMR playback in Windows environment, because it is possible to
>     play AMR files in VLC too. However I found few features lack:
>     * seeking in AMR file is not possible,
>     * VLC unable to display total time of AMR files,
> You have raw AMR files? Or have you put them to some container file?
I have raw AMR files. To be precise AMR-NB files. VLC able to play it
but not able to seek in it.
>     * No plugin to play AMR files in Internet Exporer and Firefox. (Or
>     is it possible in another way?)
> VLC browser plugins should play all the same files as VLC player does.
I will try again with javascript interface, but I was not able to do
that when I tried last time.
>     I hope it is possible to implement, fix the challenges I described
>     above. If we could replace Quicktime as AMR player in our web
>     based application I am sure I can offer monetary donation to
>     create such possibilities. Who is responsible for AMR playback
>     capabilities, and plugin module for browser? What is the best way
>     to achieve our goals? What deadline for working beta can we set?
> IIRC AMR decoding module comes from FFmpeg team. 


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