[vlc-devel] Devs' informal meeting at FOSDEM

Jean-Philippe André jpeg at videolan.org
Wed Feb 9 12:18:47 CET 2011


Last weekend during FOSDEM, a few of us met and held a short meeting
to discuss VLC development.
Here are the notes I took, totally incomplete, very raw, just to
remind you of the main ideas:

* LibVLC:
  - amem needs a usable API: ivoire was working on it, the module
compiles and an API is almost there. Let's commit this work.
  - same for smem.

* Mobile VLC:
  - QtMobileVLC should be a common project for Windows Mobile, WinOS
and MeeGo (see the QtMobileVLC git repo).
  - Android and iOS are big enough to justify ports of their own.
  - Android: ivoire, MagSoft, Asmadeus and myself (jpeg) are working
on it. A much wanted feature is the hardware codecs integration, but
it might require lots of hacking since no public API for OpenMAX IL is
available (yet).
  - App markets: Android and MeeGo markets should not have any
problems with the GPL.

* Symbian (with pk__):
  - Merge in progress. Merge Qt and LibVLC when possible.
  - About pthread_cancel: let's try to have a common solution with
Android if possible [note: there are probably still some bugs].

* Media Library (with jetru):
  - There is a timer in the folder watching system that *must* be
removed. Find another way of watching folders, even if non portable
  - Remove old XML media library.
    - During first boot, VLC shall offer the user to import his old ML
or his iTunes ML.
  - [1.2 release]

* Qt sout:
  - Interface may be broken because of small changes in the sout chains.

* Mac OS:
  - Very few devs around, except for feepk. Once the vout is repaired,
VLC might switch to Qt.
  - How about Lunettes?

* Video filters:
  - Some fixes are needed
  - [1.2 release]

* Goom:
  - Kill the plugin?

* Win/fontconfig:
  - We need a runtime option to deactivate fontconfig.
  - How does Qt deal with fonts?

* Qt UI:
  - Try using rounded non-native buttons (PNG)
  - Remove status bar, remove some buttons too

* Playlist leaks some items (ivoire? ^^)

* Extensions:
  - Will we need QtWebKit/NSWebKit some day?
  - How will we deal with private API keys?

Best regards,

Jean-Philippe André

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