[vlc-devel] DASH access plugin

Christopher Müller christopher.mueller at itec.uni-klu.ac.at
Sun Feb 20 14:46:36 CET 2011

> 	Hello,
> Le vendredi 18 février 2011 14:03:02 Christopher Müller, vous avez
> écrit :
> > During our research work we have developed a VLC Plugin that supports
> > (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP). DASH is an international
> standard
> > that is currently under development by MPEG. A first public version
> of the
> > standard is available via MPEG:
> > http://mpeg.chiariglione.org/working_documents.htm#MPEG-B
> I am not very familiar with all the HTTP-based streaming standard
> initiatives.
> Is this compatible with the "original" DASH that was specified by 3GPP?
The 3GPP TS 26.234 was used as the baseline for DASH in July of last year.
So it should be compatible because the just use a structure with
MPD->Period->Representation->SegmentInfo->(InitSegment, URL) as I know, and
with DASH it's possible to build such a structure. 

The general streaming flow is the same as I know. Both request at first a
MPD and then the download the segments that correspond to the current
bandwidth and the capabilities of the client.

> > Due to some requests on the MPEG-DASH mailing-list we (Christian
> Timmerer
> > and Christopher Mueller) made our DASH implementation as VLC plugin
> > available: http://www-itec.uni-klu.ac.at/dash/
> > The plugin and test content (ISO Base Media File Format segments and
> sample
> > MPDs) are located at this page. If you have any questions, please
> contact
> > us through this list or directly.
> > Please check the documentation (for caveats and obstructions) and, of
> > course, please feel free to extend and improve it (e.g., in terms of
> the
> > actual adaptation logic).
> Are you too shy to ask for a proper code review and submit the code? Or
> should
> I infer that you are permanently done with your project and you won't
> be
> updating the code yourselves any further?
Sorry but I thought that this is the right place for submitting new source

Best Regards
Christopher Müller

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