[vlc-devel] [patch] [LUA HTTP] adding file:// to the Input field

Erik Saule esaule at bmi.osu.edu
Wed Feb 23 04:28:36 CET 2011

> > No. I am saying it is more complicated than that and even than
> > replacing white spaces with %20. It's complicated enough that we have
> > a dedicated helper function in C code.
> You have to replace many invalid characters by % codes. If you don't,
> the resulting URI will be invalid even if it still works, but if there
> are non-ASCII characters in the file path it will be a problem.
> See the function make_URI() in src/text/strings.c, you'll have to do all
> of that in the javascript.

Luckily, it happens there is a function for doing that in
javascript. The attached patch use this function to generate a valid
MRL. I checked the behavior of the code in presence of spaces and
korean caracters.

Notice that some downstream javascript functions were messing with
quotes leading to the wrong MRL. I removed them.

Do you see more issues with this patch?
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