[vlc-devel] Compiled VLC worked on WinXP but not Win7

Susan Henderson shenderson at Greenwood.ca
Fri Jan 7 21:36:53 CET 2011

Hi all!

We managed to compile VLC 1.1.5 in Windows XP under the 
MinGW/Msys environment.  The compiled vlc.exe ran well on 
various WinXP machines.  However, when we try the same vlc.exe 
on Windows 7 machine, it crashed.

Is there anything I need to do different for Win 7 environment?

Susan Henderson

    Greenwood Canada
    Richmond, B.C., Canada
    Tel: (604) 231-8197
    web: www.Greenwood.ca
    email: shenderson at Greenwood.ca

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