[vlc-devel] Keyboard shortcut bug?

Kaarlo Räihä kaarlo.raiha at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 18:19:41 CET 2011

2011/1/9 Juha Jeronen <juha.jeronen at jyu.fi>

> On 01/09/2011 04:55 PM, Fabian Keil wrote:
>> Usually I get the shortcuts back after toggling full screen
>> mode on/off (by double clicking the video panel).
>> Does that work for you, too?
> No. Although I've sometimes randomly had the shortcuts become functional
> again. I haven't yet been able to determine the conditions under which they
> return.
> After Rémi's comment, I looked around the GUI and noticed that F is the
> access key (underlined character) for "Save Playlist to File" in the Media
> menu. So it seems that at least in my case, the keyboard focus sometimes
> stays in the Media menu instead of properly returning to the player widget
> when a most recently used item is invoked via the keyboard.

Some people in forums have complained about this also. But I don't know if
they miss click Alt or is there some kind of problem with keys.

>  -J
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